Emotional Disturbance- destroying our lifes

Emotional Disturbance

Emotional Disturbance, Emotional, Emotions, woman crying, negative thoughts

Emotional turmoil is increasing inside every human being. These emotionally involved habits are destroying our lives and creating Emotional Disturbance.

Emotional Disturbance:

Emotions occur on a deeper level than the body and thoughts. The most important quality is the purity of feelings within us. This is because man does not live so much according to thoughts. He lives more according to his feelings. It is said that man is a rational being, but it is not true. You do not do many things in your life because of your thinking. Much of what you do is influenced by your emotions. Your hate, your anger, your love – all these are related to your feelings, not your thoughts.

Your life is controlled by your emotions, not your own.

Emotional disturbance, Emotional, Sad, Not happy, sad life

Most of the activities of life arise from the world of feelings, not the world of thoughts. You must have also noticed that you think something like I will do this and then when the time comes you start doing something else. This is because there is a fundamental difference between feeling and thinking. You can decide that you will not be angry; You may think that anger is bad, but when anger overwhelms you, your thinking is put aside and you become angry.

5 Dimensions of Emotions

There are 5 dimensions of emotions through which emotions can be purified. But there are also five aspects of this which can be reversed and can become a womb for unclean feelings. The first aspect is friendship, the second is compassion, the third is cheerfulness and the fourth is gratitude, the fifth is food. You can attain purity if you incorporate these five feelings with truth in your life.

Friendship, compassion, cheerfulness, gratitude, food have their own opposite of these five dimensions.

1) Friendship: The opposite of friendship is hatred and enmity.

2) Compassion: The opposite of compassion is cruelty, violence and ruthlessness.

3) Cheerfulness: The opposite of hilarity is sadness.

4) Gratitude: Grief, pain and worry are the opposite of gratitude.

5) Food: Eating unnatural food against age and digestion.

The five opposite aspects are in an impure state.

For good health, it is important to be mindful of food and associations.

At present, most of the people are doing various experiments to overcome their health problems. For this, they are making various changes in their lifestyle, so that they can get a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, it is also necessary to know that due to which lifestyle factors can have a bad effect on health.

There are many habits in our modern life which we feel fine to follow but in reality these habits can lead to gradual decline in health and immune system. Due to the living conditions at home and our sedentary lifestyle, different types of challenges are coming in our life, whose effects can be seen in the long run.

Staying up late at night is an unnatural play with health.

Emotional disturbance, using mobile at night, sleeping problem, tensions,

Staying on mobile at night, watching movies, watching porn movies has become a hobby of these people. Mostly it has been seen that often people compromising their sleep, keep working for a long time without rest or are engaged on mobile at night. Due to this, our health suffers and our brain gets damaged very fast. Apart from this, there are some people who include non-vegetarian in their diet along with high protein diet for their good health, which is very harmful for our body. Because the body has to work very hard to digest high protein and non-vegetarian food. In today’s era people have stopped doing physical work. Therefore, such food increases the useless fat of the body and makes us emotionally weak.

From compromising on sleeping time to sitting for a long time, there are some habits. About which you are being informed.

Being alone apart from others Often people do not like to talk to others and prefer to be alone. Some research has been done on this habit, they say that a person living alone has an increased risk of heart disease. Along with this, due to loneliness, there can be dangerous diseases like anxiety, emotional disturbance. To avoid this, try to make some good friends and meditate according to your personality.

In Emotional disturbance, sitting for a long time without moving; cause other problems.

A lot of research has been done, it has been found from them that sitting in one place for a long time has a very bad effect on the body. When you go to the office, you sit quietly and stay on your chair all day, then it is as dangerous as smoking can be. It has been told in research that sitting for a long time can increase the risk of various cancers like lung, chest and colon. Due to this, you also remain emotionally disturbed.

Emotional Disturbance create Irritability and lack of sleep problems:

We all know this very well and we have also seen that when we do not sleep properly on time, then the next day we become very restless and irritable. The main reason for this may be ignoring good sleep. According to health professionals, we must take at least 6 hours of sleep in 24 hours. On the other hand, compromising on sleeping at night can have a very bad effect on your immune system and digestive system.

High protein diet is not right for everyone.

Every person’s digestive system is different. Not everyone can digest a high protein diet. Our body can be harmed by high protein diet. According to the research of many nutritionists, it is recommended to include high protein in the daily diet for most of the healthy lifestyle. But excessive consumption of food rich in protein like cheese and meat can promote cancer and also lead to gallstones due to hormone called IGF1. Due to which you can be in pain and emotionally upset.

To live a good life, eat food according to your age and body. Understand your personality well through personality test and start living your life accordingly. For a good life it is important to have the right balance of your body and mind.

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