Balance of life is the key of happiness in life

Balance of life is the key of happiness in life.

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The better the balance of human life, the better and peaceful life will be. In life, the more imbalance there is, the greater will be the suffering and unrest. If you look deeply into your life, you will find that your imbalance is the cause of misery and your balance is the cause of happiness. Balance is the greatest art. You cannot be balanced without understanding your personality.

You cannot balance your life by dominating yourself.

People make themselves small and big in the eyes of others. By controlling their natural personality, they make many changes in it. So that people say that this man’s life is balanced. This society has always been saying, control yourself, then only stability will come within you.

Nothing in life is going to be achieved with such stability. Stability is that where you can see your personality with complete clarity. In my experience it has come, generally people who talk about stability, their existence is suffocated. In a way, they are living a life of possession.

Everything is happening little by little in everyone's life.

Happiness, love and ecstasy are found little by little here and there in people’s lives. You have made yourself smaller in your life by changing from place to place, and you feel that you have become stagnant. But nothing is to be gained from such stability. Stability comes when you start seeing everything clearly in your personality. Whenever we are full of gaiety and dance, then only stability and harmony is born within us. That is why there is mention of Adi Yoga of Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva is the birth-giver of music and dance. That’s why we talk about a dance full of gaiety with stability. Even when Lord Shiva performs the Tandava dance in anger, there is a stability in it.

This was possible because he had more than two eyes, which means that he had the ability to see much more than ordinary people, so Lord Shiva knew the art of being stable. If you look at anything in one way, you cannot be stable in life. So we should have the ability to see everything better. To see means to feel. Indian culture has always been a thing that we are not going to see the temple, we are going to feel God. You don’t go to church, temple, mosque to see anything, you go to feel God. Due to which the ability to see within us increases.

The understanding of life lies in the understanding of the body and personality.

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Many people make their relationship with some things in life so deep, due to which they do not see other things placed in front of them. The only reason for this is that they have identified themselves with many things in life and associated themselves. First, by connecting with our own body, we identify with it. Then gradually we go ahead and identify with many things and get attached to them.

As soon as we identify and associate with something, at the same time our mind fully understands that this thing needs to be completely protected. And then your mind starts working solely on protecting that thing. Now we will think that how do I free myself from the things attached to myself, so that I can feel myself and bring stability in my life. We don’t need to eliminate all these things to eliminate identity. If you remove your identity from your body, then the rest of your identity disappears automatically. Your identity is not because of you, people recognize you because of the body shell over your soul.

It is necessary to give importance to your body to bring stability in your life.

As soon as we give more importance to our body, the rest of the identity automatically starts growing. And this recognition grows rapidly. The more success we get in whatever we are doing, the faster this identity deepens. As this identification with people and with other things increases, our point of view becomes more limited.

The desires going on in the world of our mind go to the biggest level, and after that these desires do not allow us to see anything else. The thoughts and feelings going on inside our mind keep us immersed in ourselves. Sadly, this world’s guru and some people are constantly forcing people to think that it is very important to look at what is going on in our mind. Whereas the truth is that whatever is going on in our mind is a waste of suggestion and impression.

Now we will say ‘No, I was thinking about my Guru and God or carrier.’ Such thinking is also a kind of waste. This waste may be a little pure, but it is also the waste material within us. Because whatever comes in our mind, it comes only because of our thoughts and thinking. Till date no devil, guru or god has appeared in anyone. As we think about something, our mind takes the same form.

We need to balance ourselves and fly freely like birds.

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The bird falls down from the high sky, falls to the ground, flaps its wings and tries to take off again. This is the only way to make yourself successful and become intelligent. God made our life in such a way that things keep on changing everyday, what is there today, then tomorrow the same thing will become another, no one knows how it will be the next day?

The advice given by the society since childhood and the questions made by us can never be in perfect harmony with life. Whatever work comes in life, only our experience comes in handy. Every person should make his own lamp, only then we can escape from the darkness of life. Like birds, we have to make our own flight, this can happen only when we learn the art of balancing ourselves.

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