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IQ Tests, IQ level,


Through the IQ Test, you can know about yourself and your children’s Intelligence, Abilities, Weakness and Performance.

Intellectual Disorder

Special Children

Through Cognitive training and special education special children can live their life well.

Psychological services, Personality Tests

Personality Tests

Through Personality Tests, you can make your life happy by knowing about Conscious Mind and Unconscious Mind.

Personality Disorder, psychotherapy, healing, counseling, Therapies

Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy

You can achieve the goal (AIM) through cognitive hypnotic psychotherapy.

Personality Disorder, young girl, depression, tension, sad, psychological services, psychological center

Psychological Problems

Depression, Stress, Anger, Aggression Fear, Emotional Disturbances, Sadness Sleeping Problems, Mental Retardation, Autism.

Educational Analysis

Learning Disorder, Exam Stress, School Refusal, Attention and Concentration span Distraction.

Writing Analysis Test

Writing Analysis

You can come to know about your Qualities, Emotional and Thinking Pattern, GOALS, Self-image, Relationship and Personality from Writing Analysis.

Behavioural Modification, Psychologist, anger

Behaviourial Problems

Eating Problems, Self-Injurious Behaviours, ADHD, Impulsive, Adolscents Issues, Temper Tantrums.

Psychological services, Issues in relationships, Relationship Counseling

Relationship Problems

Arguments, Communication gaps, Staying Apart, Infidelity, Traumas, Extra Marital Affairs, Struggle between work and home, Trust, Conflicts, Criticism etc.