Oishi Psychological Services Center is one of the most leading mental health wellness center. Best psychological Center in Patiala for the treatment of autism, adhd, anxiety (worry), depression, confusion and also for others. Here Psychologists are RCI regd. Oishi Center also provides online services for the clients and patients who are live in other countries like CANADA, USA, japan, germany and others. This Psychological Services Center in Patiala is the one of the best center for the treatment of psychological problems. This Center also provides Relationship counseling, parental Counseling and other different types of counseling. Also providing Online workshops, special education training and rainbow color therapy.

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Mental Illness

In earlier times the health of the person was poor, after that the person used to get mental illness. Nowadays, first, a person gets mental problems, after that physical problems occur.


Obsessive-Compulsive disorder is a mental illness that causes repeated unwanted thoughts or sensations (obsessions) or the desire to do something repeatedly (compulsions).

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Personality Disorder

Childbearing and environmental, genetic, and also hereditary traits cause personality disorder. Nature has made every man’s body odor and herbage marks different. 

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Anxiety is in our blood. We all worry, often we are in some worry or the other. And keep thinking that if we do not worry then how will we progress in life, how will we increase our business. This thinking of the people is foolish. By worrying, instead of succeeding in life, you fail.

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Relationship Issues

Arguments Communication gaps, Staying Apart Infidelity, Traumas Extra Marital affairs, Struggle between work and home, Trust + Conflicts Criticism etc.

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There is a confusion in life due to not having the right guide and right goal and we have to live with this confusion because life cannot be solved; Life is very big.

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With the acceptance and awareness of parents, Autistic features in children can be controlled. Training to the autistic children at the right time can be brought into the stream of life.

Other Psychological Services

Bipolar Disorder

IQ Test

Personality Test

Online Services

Oishi Psychological Services also provide Online services for our clients.


Relationship Counseling

Special Education Training

Parents Counseling

Online Workshops

Rainbow Color Therapy

Psychological Healing for Your Good Life

Personality Tests

Personality Test is a method for measuring human personality. Therefore, it is to measure a person’s visible traits and behaviours. 


These therapies are used for the treatment of those who are suffering from any psychological problem.

Meditation According to Personality

Personality Meditation is a technique that makes the mind and soul very relaxed.

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