Adolescent children need guidance.

Adolescent children become restless due to lack of balance of age and energy.

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Parents pay attention! Adolescent go crazy about fashion – changing their appearance every season. What are they expressing by doing this?

There’s nothing wrong with that. They should be allowed to do whatever they want. Because they are changing, everything is changing in them. Changing fashion is just an expression of their inner change. It is absolutely healthy and perfect. They should be allowed and helped to change as often as they want.

Soon they will settle down, once their internal changes settle. By the time they are twenty one, things will start to settle down. For some time, if you do not allow them to change their external expressions, their internal changes will create tension and pain in them.

Let them change it is natural. This is the time when so much change is taking place in them – they need some kind of expression for it to become adults, before they mature. We can help make changes for the better. But we cannot stop the changes; We can only give them better options.

Parents should guide the Adolescent children properly in making relationships and wearing clothes.

For example, we can give them better clothes, every year new fashions in clothes that are not ugly. Otherwise, they will find their own way and become hippies and do all kinds of stupid things. They will neither bathe nor wash their teeth; They will do stupid things because they are kids and new to the world.

We should give them change. It’s better to give them better samples every six months – better hair conditioner, better soap, better toothpaste. Any changes would help. Don’t force them to cut your hair the way you want them to. No; Give them options. Take them to the hairdresser and show them all kinds of different, beautiful hairstyles possible. Let them choose; Don’t condemn them.

Parents, respect the feelings of their teenage children, and guide them like good friends.

Parents and teachers condemn adolescent children instead of encouraging them. As a result, teenagers are becoming crooks. They would keep half their hair long on one side, cut half their hair from one side and dye those hairs in different colors. In this way, teenage children vent their anger in strange fashions.

What can poor Adolescents do?

Today’s parents think that by giving freedom to the children to roam, they are giving the right direction to the children. Such parents are thinking wrong.

All this fashion, friendship, drug addiction is not going to help the teenage kids that much. Parents could give them high classical music, painting to do, music to play, dance to dance; This is their duty. Otherwise, anyone, most of whom are almost insane, will attract these teenage kids.

People used to think a lot about Madonna, a pop singer. She was a beautiful woman but just look at her clothes and all kinds of junk hanging around her. She may have had great music, great dancing talent, but she went on just like the Beatles and others who came and went. Teenagers take everything as a fashion. But you cannot depend on them; They are not serious, they are just experimenting.

A huge life has become available to them, that’s why they are experimenting.

It is the duty of parents, teachers and educational institutions to give beautiful choices to adolescent children.

Give changes that can help in their growth, their maturity.

Earlier there were too many hippies in America and other countries who used to do a lot of fashion and drugs. All the hippies were teenagers. There were also teenage children aged 15 to 20 years. Now the times have changed, it is very difficult to find a hippie. Have you seen a 40 year old hippie? Do you think every hippie dies near thirty?

No, those hippies realize after the age of thirty that they have wasted their time. They have ruined their childhood and their career, they did not get any education and left school because they were into fashion. They lived in filth, ugliness, drugs, and the moment they realize – they are stupid – they come back to life.

But those ten years of them were lost forever. And back in life, they will not have the same respectable jobs, the same creative facilities. Because they have no skills and no education. They don’t know any craft and haven’t done anything. So in life they will suffer till their death.

It is very important to have the right education according to the age of teenagers and their IQ level.

Adolescent children are not getting the proper education and guidance, according to their IQ Level and their personality. Who is responsible for it? Parents and teachers are responsible.

Do you think the teenage child is responsible? No because they are very young children. The responsibility for the deterioration of adolescent children cannot be placed on their shoulders. Parents and teachers are responsible. Parents and teachers could guide young children according to their age.

Due to which young children of 15 to 25 years of age would have been engaged in understanding the importance of their career and their life instead of roaming around in their youth.

If they get the right direction by understanding their personality, then they will not want to go anywhere after visiting one or two hill stations. Because they understand due to the right education that in order to lead a good life, it is necessary to focus on their career at present.

Adolescent energy can be balanced through music, dance and meditation

They need a chance to understand the mountains and nature, along with dance, classical music and meditation. In this way adolescent children can return to their natural life. They need some new adventure. You can also teach your kids painting, flute and swimming apart from this.

Soon they will realize that it is time to go right back into the world and do things their own way. In this way teenage kids will fly their life with creativity, due to right guidance.

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