Consciousness and Subconscious Mind

Only subconscious mind and consciousness of man can make him mentally healthy?

99% of the people in the world are unable to feel their subconscious mind. All people are living life by connecting with the conscious mind. 99% of people are not living life even after fully realizing the conscious mind. Take decisions of life without thinking well and then cry when things go wrong. Therefore, a personality test is done to see what is filled in the subconscious mind of humans. When a person starts realizing his subconscious mind, then he also starts realizing his inner consciousness. Once the feeling of inner consciousness starts, every work of life is done consciously.

We usually don’t get any feeling of the subconscious mind. Because the subconscious is deep inside us. All our feelings are related to the body such as hands, feet, and head feels by touch. Whether it’s sadness or happiness, it’s felt by the heartbeat. Our soul feels our inner feelings. That’s why we call ourselves “I am”. All our perceptions are connected with our body. Our master, due to which this body is working, is soul, not our awareness.

This is a very dangerous situation. Because whenever the body starts falling, I will understand that I am falling. That is why the fear of death will be created in me. If I come to know that I am separate from the body and I am also within the body, after that if body starts falling, then I will feel that I’m not the body. I’m not a cage, I am a bird, and once the cage is broken, the bird can fly. This will make a very fundamental difference. Then the fear of death will subside.

According to personality, the fear of death can be eradicated only by meditation. Meditation means being in sync with your subconscious mind and consciousness.

Through the senses, one can realize his subconscious mind and consciousness.

Whenever we are conscious, our consciousness is always aware of something. If we are not aware of anything, then it means that we are sitting completely empty. That’s why if we sit alone, we start falling asleep. We only think what to do? Read the newspaper, listen to the radio, then it seems a bit like waking up. If we leave a man all alone, darken the room. There is sleep in the dark because nothing is visible, so there is no need for consciousness. Nothing is visible, so what to do now, except sleep, there seems to be no way.

Remember, sleep and meditation are similar in one sense, but also different in one sense. Sleep means: You are alone; But have fallen asleep. Meditation means: You are alone but awake. If a meditating person is in solitude even then he can remain awake to his subconscious mind and consciousness.

Only a free man can come out of mental illness by connecting with his conscious mind.

Individual means freedom. No person can be possessed. If someone tries to possess them, it means that their personality is being destroyed. Man will become object. In fact, our relations with others are never warm and loving. Everyone is using each other as objects. This is why love is becoming impossible. Because love means considering the other person as independent as oneself, as valuable as one’s own.

If you treat others as if they are not human beings but things to be used. Then after that the relationship becomes dependent only on the basis of utility and selfishness. Things have no sentimental value. Their value is that they are of use to you. As you belong to your home, it is a utility. That house is for you. The car is for you. But the wife is not for you. Neither husband is for you. The husband is for himself and the wife is for himself. But you can help each other to live life well.

A man is for himself, he is not an object to anyone. Truly, a person is complete only when no one considers him to be an object of use. Slowly one starts feeling another human being only then he/she becomes a complete human being. One cannot realize his subconscious mind and consciousness without being a perfect human being. His relationship with others will be only conceptual, intellectual, mind to mind, brain to brain. There will never be a heart to heart.

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