Successful life with secret of happiness

Good food & Good company brings patience & success in life.

The secret of happiness for a successful life is hidden in food. Since ancient times, the elders have been saying that the hair of any person can tell how he has taken a bath. And the cheeks reveal how he has eaten. This is a very simple thing to say, but its meaning is very deep. The glow on your face is the same as you eat.

Sit quietly in meditation before taking food every day. Close your eyes and feel with your long deep breath what our body needs — whatever it may be! We have not even seen the food, the food is not in front; We just have to feel in our lives, what our body needs to eat, what we feel like eating from within.

Dr. Leonard Pearson calls it ‘Humming Food’ – Leonard says that in order to have a successful life, we should eat food that gives a voice from within us. No matter how much we eat such food but eat what gives voice from within. The second type of food is ‘backing food’ – the food that is in front of us. So we get curious about it. Then it became a matter of mind food, we did not have the food we needed.

If we listen to the voice of our ‘humming food’, no matter how much we eat that food, but we will not have any problem, because it will satisfy us.

Our mind has become a habit of eating wasteful things, we should avoid this useless habit of our tongue and mind. We should look carefully within ourselves and see how much and what kind of food our body needs. We should eat food according to nature and weather.

Our body has been created by nature, nothing ever created by nature demands illicit, body demands to eat only what it needs to eat. And the body does not demand anything.

If we eat food according to the needs of the body, then that food satisfies us. And when we are satisfied with the food, then we never eat more food than needed. The problem is only when we eat the food that attracts us to eat from outside: we just saw something and we ate it. Such food will never satisfy us because the body did not need it, that food attracts us and we ate those things.

Such food will not satisfy us because the body did not need it. In this way, we remain unimpressed. We keep eating more due to remaining unimpressed, but no matter how much we eat such food, such food can’t satisfy us because the body doesn’t need such food.

Instead of going to a successful life, we are going to a miserable and unsuccessful life, it has become a big problem. Because we have forgotten that we have to listen to our inner desire. Rather, people are not want to listen to the inner voice. People say, ‘Eat this, don’t eat that’ – like bound rules. The body knows no bound rules.

Psychologists say children feel the inner voice of their body. If there is nobody around with children, they will eat what their body needs. Many studies have been done and results of great surprise have come. If a child is suffering from any disease and an apple is good for that disease then the child will choose the apple. No matter how much food is there, but the child will choose the apple.

Animals also do this. The animal will eat the food that nature has made for him, only man has forgotten this language. If we bring a buffalo and leave it in the garden, the entire garden is there, the whole greenery is present but the buffalo will not care.

No matter how much flowers and trees attract buffalo, she will not look at them. She will choose green grass in her diet. The buffalo’s body needs that grass. We cannot deceive buffalo, only man can be deceived.

We should start learning the art of listening to what our body tells us to eat. When we start having breakfast, we should close our eyes and see inside what our body wants to eat; What is the real desire of our body.

Do not think about what is available for you to eat. Just think about what is desire arising, then go find it and eat it again. Do this for a few days. Gradually you will find that you are no longer eager to eat waste.

The source of divine energy is hidden in the smell of food and its hidden taste

When you eat, chew it well. Do not swallow food quickly. Taste it in the mouth. Chew well, because the food tastes just above the neck. There is no taste down the throat. Therefore, do not rush in eating food.

Chew the food more so that it tastes more. And do whatever you can to condense this taste. When you start eating something, first smell it. Enjoy his smell because half the taste is in the smell.

The person who learns the art to feel the taste of his food while feeling the smell of his food, only that person can feel his inner divine test and divine smell.

Many experiments have been done. If we are suffering from a cold and we can’t take the smell of the food and we have something to eat, then we cannot get the taste of it. Then we will understand that more than the taste of food, we can feel the taste due to its smell.

If we close our eyes while eating, then we will not be able to taste the food at all, because now we cannot feel the color of the food that attracts the eyes.

Many experiments have been done in which some food is given to the person and his nose and eyes completely closed, then we cannot even tell what you are eating. This is the reason why we cannot enjoy food in the cold because we do not smell it.

When people have a cold, they start eating pungent spicy foods because it gives them a little taste. So while eating, take a good look at the food, smell it. One should never hurry, take the full time to taste and smell. Eating should also be made an activity of meditation.

If people feel that we have gone mad, do not worry. Look at the food in reverse. Close your eyes and touch it with your cheeks. Feel all the way; Smell it frequently. Then even a little food will be enough and will give us a lot of satisfaction. “

The correct understanding of our food and its energy takes us beyond our conscious and subconscious minds and takes us into the spiritual world.

The treasure of food energy is under the treasure of life energy. The treasure of life energy is under the energy of the mind, the energy of the mind is in the energy of science and the energy of science is in the energy of pleasure.

It depends on each person whether he is living only on the floor of the body or whether he is living in the veils above it. Living in the sky means what is the state of our consciousness or awakening. The meaning of inertia is that he is so unconscious that he is not conscious of his being like stones and animals.

Your association determines your future and successful life, good company means good present and good future; Bad association means complete destruction of future life.

Good people are those who keep themselves calm. Do not harm others, love nature and its creatures.

Bad people are those who harm others, cheat and commit suicide! The evil company that spoils the people. Those people never improve. Company makes its impact on us only when we want to change according to the company. Bad company makes a talented person and his successful life, useless and unsuccessful.

So choose your friend and your life partner carefully. The person who does not know what is right and wrong. He can never know with whom he should spend time and with whom. What should be discussed with whom and what should not be discussed with whom.

By the way, the bad company has a lot of attraction. Our inclination to that side is quick even without wanting it! A very emotional person is never patient, never mind, what is the goal of his successful life, whether he has connection with good company or bad company.

The bad company of one person in the house causes trouble for the whole family. A bad association can benefit us for a short time, but eventually, it ruins us. If the bad company makes the king a rake, then how bad the ordinary person would be.

You can think that if a good person does not get along, then sit alone and think carefully what kind of image you have designed for a successful life in your thinking. 

Then plan and proceed according to the image of successful life. There will be some difficulties, but this will be good for your future. Difficulties will force you, but you should not seek the help of a bad person by losing your self control. The company has the greatest deep impact.

With bad company, the swan also becomes a crow. By making good company a Killer can become a spiritual person.

Good company, success, teamwork, bad company

Once a bumblebee makes a friendship with cow dung’s worm. That worm told the bumblebee, “brother you are my best friend, so come to my house for a treat. On the next day, bumblebee got ready in the morning and along with her children, came to the house of cow dung’s worm for the treat, the worm was very happy to see them and served food with respect to everyone.

Worm served dung chestnuts in the food. And bumblebee was shocked, suddenly the worm said,” Eat brother, why are you behaving strangely. Bumblebee got into thinking that I have made the company of a bad one, so now I have to eat cow dung. Bumblebee thought that I got all this by associating with the worm and got the same result as the company.

After that Bumblebee thought now it’s my turn to give the fruit of my company. And bumblebee said to the worm that brother today I came to your house for food, so you will have to come to my house tomorrow. On the next day, the worm was got ready and reached the house of the bumblebee. Bumblebee picked up the worm, placed it in a rose flower, and gave it juice, the worm drank a lot of flower juice and enjoyed it.

After the meal, the worm thanked his friend. And said, you live in a very good place and eat well. After this, the worm thought why should I not stay here now and after thinking that, the worm sat in the same flower.

In due course, the priest of the nearby temple came and broke the flower. In which the worm was sitting. And the priest offered that flower at the feet of the Lord. The insects also saw God and sat at his feet.

After this, in the evening, the priest collects all the flowers and left them in Ganga Ji. The worm was waving on the waves of the Ganges and was surprised at his fate, how virtuous it was. In the meantime, the bumblebee came to the worm and said friend, now tell me how are you?

The worm said, brother now i am free from birth sins. In Ganga Ji, the bones flow after dying. And I am alive here, this time is very precious to me. With your friendship and your good company, I am receiving happiness and joy.

Thank you !! The place I used to consider as my paradise. It was a hell of a mess. And this is the world of joy, it is all found because of you. This is the right paradise.

Your future will depend on your company. The accompaniment of bad people is like sweet poison, which initially seems sweet, but in the end, proves fatal to us.

Only a balanced person can have patience. Patience is born only by the realization of self and realization of the right goal.

There are two pulses (nadis) in our left and right on our forehead, the balance of both Ida pulse and Pingala pulse is the balance of a person’s life.

We traditionally name Shiva and Shakti as Ida and Pingala in life. Or you can just call it masculine and feminine, or it can be your two aspects – logic or intuitive. Life is also built on this basis. Without both these qualities, life is not as it is now. These two pulses (nadis) are also known as the lunar pulse and the sun pulse.

Masculine and feminine are not meant by gender differences or by being physically male or female – but by some special qualities present in nature. Some of the qualities of nature are masculine and some other qualities are feminine. 

You may be male, but if your Eda pulse is more active, then feminine qualities can dominate in you. You may be a woman, but if your Pingala is more active, then you can dominate male qualities.

If you are able to strike a balance between Eda and Pingala, then you can be an influential person in the world. With this, you can handle all aspects of life well. Most people live and die in Eda and Pingala, the middle place Sushumna remains dormant. But Sushumna is the most important aspect of human physiology. 

Life actually begins when energy enters the spinal cord. After that, you are neither mad nor happy in any happiness. And neither is mad with sorrow in any sorrow.

If you are under the influence of Eda or Pingala then you react by looking at the external conditions. But once the energy enters the spinal cord, you get a new kind of balance. Right now you may be quite balanced, but if for any reason the external situation becomes turbulent, then you will also become disturbed in his reaction. Because Eda and Pingala’s nature is like this.

An inner balance, whatever is outside, has a special place inside you, which never disturbs you in any kind of movement, which does not affect you from external conditions. When both Nadiya Eda and Pingala are together with Sushmana, you reach the peak of consciousness.

Patience leads to the sun of successful life

Every person wants to succeed in life. Everyone has the ambition to succeed quickly, but humans do not have time for this. Whatever a person wants to get in life, he just wants to get it right now, but it never happens that everything can be found immediately while thinking. Because of haste and restlessness, a person loses all that he has.

A good success requires proper technique, knowledge, and patience. Patience leads life to the sky. If you want a mango tree, then you have to wait. Will have to be patient. Plants that mature quickly and give vegetables. They are short-life, they dry quickly.

The rhythms of food, mind, company, and intellect lead to a successful life.

A person’s mind becomes like that which he eats. A person’s company is like the mind. He has intelligence as he accompanies. A person has a life as he has intelligence. The right thing is that every human should become aware and conscious of his food according to the needs of his body.

Eda and Pingala pulse will be balanced due to food. I am specifically asking for good company and good intelligence. It is very important that he is aware of his sleep and food, what he is eating, how much he is eating, and what effect it will have on the body.

If a person uses a few months of awareness, he will definitely find out which food gives him stability, peace, and health. There is no difficulty in this, but if we are not conscious of our food, we will never be able to find the right food for ourselves.

If you do not find the right food, you will not be able to find the right company, if you do not find the right company you will not have the right intelligence.

If the right intellect is not built, there will be no patience in life. Without patience, there is no balance in successful life. And restlessness comes in the place of joy in life.

Therefore, a person should eat natural food purchased from his own income. Natural food means that food that is made according to the digestion of human beings should be eaten.

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