Try to understand about IQ test

Try to understand about IQ (intelligent quotient) Tests, what is IQ tests and why it is done?

Every human being is unique in the whole world. Just as the fingerprint of every human is different. Similarly, the smell of the body is different. In the same way, the ability of the intellect to understand and think of every human is different. So, IQ (intelligent quotient) test is a tool for measuring intelligence.

IQ Test is a measure of a person’s reasoning ability. The person who measures a range of cognitive abilities and gives a score. In short, it is to estimate how well a person can use information and logic to understand anything and answer some questions. Or can give an estimate of the events occurring.

Only a good psychologist can do a good test. The IQ test is one of the most common tests of psychological tests. These tests can help diagnose intellectual disabilities as well as to measure one’s intellectual ability.

If you are considering an IQ test, then you should choose a good psychologist, you should find out what their education is. And If he knows the methods of IQ tests. It is also important that your psychologist should be registered with the government.

It has been heard that people of 12th pass and graduation pass are also practicing IQ test. Such people can give you the wrong direction.

What is the IQ (intelligent quotient) test used for?

A psychologist said, “People with low IQ level can’t be selected, they can’t get a job in a good position.”

But most people supported the argument of that psychologist. Thankfully today our society has progressed to such a large extent. Today, psychologists have prepared many types of intelligence tests that are used for various purposes.

People whose learning abilities are less. Mostly the IQ Test is for those people.

In many countries, the IQ Test is the way to select students in colleges and universities. The US government uses the IQ Test to enroll in the military. The US government does not recruit unqualified people in the armed forces. There may be a danger of sending such people into the fight. Usage of many different IQ tests is there in the Armed Forces Aptitude Test.

Psychological action

Psychologists combine a person’s attention, self-control, and problem-solving together into a skill they call executive function.

We call the brain cells behind the executive function executive control networks. This network starts when someone takes an IQ test. Multiple fluids of the same brain region are responsible for the function of intelligence.

Turning your disqualification into ability and success through an IQ test​

IQ test, success, ability, Psychological Services

One thing that is very popular in the world is only intelligent people succeed. Being intelligent does not mean that someone will succeed. And if someone is less intelligent then he will fail.

The moment we accept the idea of disqualification, we naturally lock ourselves into our own thoughts. Then we do not feel that we also have wings for a successful flight. That the whole sky is ours, that all we have to do is open the wings of our abilities. And the whole sky becomes ours.

The question is not whether we forgot to open a door during the IQ Test. So don’t think that we are not intelligent, and there is no door to success. The thought of disqualification is just a concept, an idea. We have become hypnotized by thoughts.

From the very beginning

All cultures, all societies used hypnosis to destroy many individuals. Wisdom tests are conducted to justify discrimination against eugenist movements and minority groups and persons with disabilities. To destroy individuals – their freedom, their uniqueness, their talent – because vested interests do not need geniuses. Unique individuals are not needed, not those who love freedom.

Such people need slaves. And the psychological way of making slaves is to induce in your mind that you are not worth anything, that you are not worth what you have. You should not wish to get more than this.

Similarly, in some movements, people were proved psychologically incorrect by the IQ test. While nature has given us a lot in advance, it is much more than your ability. By choosing a good psychologist with our intelligence, through good training and good counseling, we can improve our personality.

Every human being is unique, there is no dearth of merit in him. History is witness that people who were expelled from school became very successful people in life. The successful scientist Thomas Edison is a great example of this.

Effect of IQ (intelligent quotient) Test and Meaning of Score​

Our IQ level affects various areas of our lives, such as schooling and the way we work. Association of higher scores in the IQ test is with higher achievement in school. While the association of lower scores is with some form of intellectual disability.

Some IQ tests present scores in different ways and those scores may have different meanings.

Descriptive classification of intelligence level

130+                          Very Superior

120 to 129                Superior

110 to 119                 high average

90 to 109                   average

80 to 89                     less average

70 to 79                     borderline

Intellectual disability at 69 and below

These classifications come from the Wechsler series of intelligence tests for children and adults.

What affects an individual or child's IQ Score?​

The following is as follows:

  1. Is the bringing up of the child according to his age or not?
  2. What kind of school and teacher the child studying with
  3. Is the diet of the child according to the age or not?
  4. Is the bringing up of the child in a conservative culture
  5. How is the atmosphere of the family at home? How is the parent’s behavior in front of the child?
  6. When we have seen it all the way, then we should see, whether the child’s behavior is normal or not. How’s his health, and whether the provision of the treatment is at the right time.

Low scores and disability detection can help.​

Parents who give birth to a child after the age of 35 years, and their environment is not right or if a woman uses smoking, drugs, alcohol during pregnancy, then she should get her child’s psychologist IQ (intelligent quotient) test.

If very low scores are below 70, it can be a cause for concern for the child, there may be a problem in the child’s life to keep pace with his career and people. Children below a score of 70 may indicate an underlying learning disability.

The average score in IQ test must be at least 100

85 percent of intellectually disabled children achieve an IQ score between 55 and 70.

Child psychologists can start with the IQ Test to increase the level of intelligence of children.

In the second situation, if the child has a particularly low score, then the child psychologist can also give these orders:

1) adaptive skills screening

2) blood test

3) Ultrasound of the brain

4) Complete mental health checkup

Many families are deprived of knowledge of IQ test, they do not know what is IQ test, and where it is done. 

In Conclusion​

At last, we conclude that mostly seen, Child Psychologist is very less in cities of India. Always keep in mind that according to Indian law your Child Psychologist should be RCI regd. And him/her should be valid for testing children.

Only a well-educated psychologist can conduct intelligence tests properly. If parents do not conduct these important tests at the right time, then it can lead to problems in the life of the child. If parents are suspicious of their child’s intellectual disabilities, do not wait for the IQ test. Look for a well educated and RCI regd., child Psychologist as soon as possible.

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