Personality And Personality Assessment

Personality and Personality Assessment

Personality Tests


Nature has made the personality of every human being different. Just as the fingerprint of every human is different, Similarly, the body odor of every human is different. We are not the same as inside as we show ourselves from outside. Through Personality Assessment, we can understand our personality very well. And we come to know what we have to do according to our personality. After that, we connect to ourselves. As soon as we know ourselves, we connect with the hidden existence within us.

We are working like billions of people without understanding our own personality and wandering here and there. Then we have only one way left to fill our subconscious mind with nonsense thoughts. Such as eating wrong things, doing wrong things and have the company of the wrong people and keep thinking wrong things.

We are filling all these things in the void within us. It is also very important to be conscious of your personality. Best way to give the right path to life as well as your own personality, consult an expert Psychologist.


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There are many theories to explain personality. It has been studied in a number of different ways.  Some have focused only on one or two issues, such as the effect of heredity.

The term ‘Personality’ comes from the Latin word ‘persona’ which means mask. It is a set of behaviors and emotions as well as thinking patterns that evolve from biological and environmental factors.

Personality VS Individuality

Individuality refers to the uniqueness of the personality which makes each person is a unique and never-repeated phenomenon. It increases as children grow older. For example, hunger. To satisfy this drive each individual is showing different responses which are based on individual differences in personality patterns.

How does the personality of a human being manifest itself?

It shows itself in two ways: the person’s desire to create a good impression on others and his desire to judge the personality of others.

First Impression

Basically, First impression is based on appearance, behaviour, speech, and many other factors. Knowing this to be true, most people try to create a good first impression.

Judging Others

Being able to judge others correctly is an aid in making good adjustments and achieving good judgments by others. People judge others in three ways:

  1. From the study of facial features;
  2. By head shape and size;
  3. And from the reading of a person’s handwriting.

Symbols of self

Symbols of self are the signs by which others judge a person. It plays two important roles: First, they influence one’s judgments of others, and second, they influence one’s concept of self.

  1. Clothing is an important symbol of self because it affects first impressions as well as the common sense of a person. A well-dressed person is favourably judgement by others. And this cheers him to judge himself well.
  2. Names and Nicknames are identity symbols. As a result, people get to know about others. It plays an important role in self as well as social decisions.
  3. Speech gives a clue to the personality of the speaker. Through its content and form, its quantity, and its quality, as shown in pronunciation, grammar, choice of words and tone. In some cases, speech has a damaging effect on a person’s social and self-judgement.
  4. Success is highly valued. According to age, sex, socio-economic status, and background; success is being valued. That’s

Like his name, the reputation that a person establishes is an important symbol of himself because it becomes a label by which others judge him and by whom he values himself. Whether a person’s reputation is favourable or not. It will depend on his behaviour to social values.

Personality Assessment

Psychological services, Personality Tests

Personality Test is a method for assessing human personality. Therefore, it is to measure a person’s visible traits and behaviours, unseen elements, intelligence as well as ability of a person and also to uncover unconscious mind. In addition, Personality test is to find personality problems and disorders as well as to estimate how a person might behave in the future.


  • Observation and Rating
  • Rating Scale
  • Interview
  • Self-report Inventories
  • Questionnaire and Personality Inventories
  • Projective Tests

Observation and Rating

Observations are a natural way to measure psychological processes and personality. It is a common way of assessing personality by looking at actions and then rate them. For example, In an interview, the interviewers observe the behavior of a person and rate his personality on a scale ranging from a low to high value.

Rating Scale

The rating scale is the oldest method for assessing personality. A rating scale is a tool by which an opinion can be analyzed about an attribute. A rating scale is a tool in which one person checks another person’s level of performance.


Interview, a type that includes both verbal and non-verbal parts. It can be described in two ways. First, from a mental as well as a clinical point of view, it will focus on the patient’s physical health and any signs of a behavioral disorder as well as information about the patient’s life history. Second, from an employment point of view, the interviewer asks questions related to qualification, personal, work experience, and career goals from the interviewee.

Self-Report Inventories

Self-Report inventory is an type of test in which a person has to respond to surveys and questionnaires as often ask direct questions about personal interest, behavior, traits, and also personality types. Whereas, Inventory tests differ in that there is no correct answer; Responses are based on ideas as well as judgments.


This is also a very common method or technique for measuring personality through questionnaires and inventories. It consists of a number of questions that the respondent has to answer. There are two types of questions which are:

  • Closed-ended:
    • Each question may be followed by certain alternative responses and the person has to respond by choosing the one which is nearest to what he feels is the truth.
  • Open-ended:
    • Questions may be given without alternative answers. Therefore, the person has to answer them in his or her own words.

Projective Tests

Professionals use these tests, to study the unconscious and basic factors of personality. These tests assume that inner aspects of personality are required to act, interpret, organize as well as manipulate certain unstructured situations.

Personality disorders

Personality is a set of behavior, feeling, and thoughts which makes every person differ from each other. Because every person has their own feelings, nature and thinking about things. A personality disorder is a mental disorder that consists of rigidity, long-lasting, defective traits that lead to impaired function or great distress in personal and social life.

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