Psychotherapy? And Why it is beneficiary?

Psychotherapy? Is It good or not? And Why it is Used?

Basically, Psychotherapy is a method which is based on personal interaction with children & adults which help in changing the behaviour of a person and overcome troubling thoughts. However, it is for improving mental health like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, long term illness.

In addition, it improves relationship issues, social skills & to sort out strange behaviour, thoughts and emotions. In other words, It helps people to know the mental causes of behaviour problems. It has particularly three main elements which are:

  • Firstly, verbal interaction between therapist and client;
  • Second, the development of a supportive relationship during which a client can discuss painful as well as bad experiences that may have led to current problems;

And last, analysis of the client’s experiences and then suggest ways for the client to deal with his or her problems.

How Much Does It Help?

It does help in the treatment of particular problems but the question is how much it helps? It may depend on the type of problem as well as on the therapy given. Eventually, we will surely find that various forms of treatments are differentially effective with a different problem.

DO I Need Professional Help?

It’s estimated that around one billion people in the world have mental problems. So, people need help in dealing with a variety of mental illnesses, which range from those that cause some problems in daily activities as well as those that interfere with a person’s normal functioning.

For example:

  1. The person may feel overwhelmed by a sense of sadness So that he or she cannot form a good relationship.
  2. A person may worry or expect such terrible things to happen that he or she cannot focus on their everyday activities.
  3. A person may become so dependent on drugs that he or she has problems in functioning in personal, social, and professional cases.

If these problems begin to trouble with daily functioning in social, personal, business, or professional activities, then a person may need help from a mental health professional.

Are there different Approaches to Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy, Mental illness, Behaviour ProblemsIt is not generally for the sick and aims to treat mental illnesses. Therapies are also increasingly used for self-exploration. Additionally, it assists normal people to fully explore their human abilities.

Presently, normal people are more reaching out to the Expert, who have less personal growth or to help solve professional problems in the form of therapy. It is the process in the form of dialogue and engagement between two persons. They help them to solve their present problems. They must be willing to be open in the discussion and help to reach a solution.


  • Psychodynamic:
    • Psychoanalysis is the most famous psychodynamic approaches.
    • It involves techniques such as free association, dream analysis, and analysis of transference. All these techniques used to evoke unconscious wishes and conflicts.
    • It based largely on insight, unconscious motivation as well as reconstruction of the personality.
  • Humanistic-Existential Approaches:
    • These emphasize the development of the self.
    • Additionally, It accepts personal responsibility for one’s life.
    • Client-centred therapy designed to support a person’s growth.
    • Gestalt therapy gives important to a person’s responsibility.
  • Behaviour Therapies:
    • It is based on learning and conditioning. Wrong behaviours are being changed into normal behaviour by giving rewards.
  • Instrumental, Operant and Conditioning Approach:
    • It gives priority to the role of reinforcer in setting up, It brings changes in wrong behaviour.
  • Cognitive Approach:
    • It is based on defective or silly ideas can stimulate wrong behaviour.
    • The main task is the remove or changing of these faulty ideas through cognitive restructuring.
  • Psychological Techniques:
    • It includes relaxation training, hypnosis and mindfulness which are used to help people to cope with a variety of physical illness.
  • Transactional Analysis:
    • It includes rational-emotive as well as reality therapy.

Mostly it will give better results after the mixture of two or more therapies. This is known as an eclectic approach. Presently, it is most famous and used by most of the therapist.

Benefits of Psychotherapy

Psychological services, Personality Tests

A Psychotherapy is a beneficiary for those who are stressed, a broken relationship, death or a loss and who can’t express their own emotions to others. It also changes every person’s quality of life. Professionals analyses the problems & help them to improve their lives, develop better mental well being, emotional skills as well as reduce signs & symptoms of mental illness.


  • It reduces troubling signs. So that a person can live normally like others.
  • It is treating mental health problems.
  • Helps in recovering from drug addiction.
  • It helps in resolving relationship issues.
  • Improve overall physical and mental health and wellness.
  • It helps people in managing their life. Such as the death of beloved, loss of a family, business and job.
  • It also helps people to overcome harmful nature.
  • Helps with communication skills.
  • It also helps with depressed people by finding the sources. After train their mind, they will get new ways to respond to these issues.
  • Instil better-coping skills.
  • These will help for certain traits of ADHD.
  • People will learn to be mindful, less stressed and more relaxed.
  • They deal with Weight problems, OCD, grief. In addition to cancer, Childbirth, Dementia.
  • It helps us to understand personal values and how to live in accord with them.
  • These will increase self-efficacy as well as attention span.

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