Understanding of Sex and love

Sex is related to the mind and the physical world. The flower of love does not blossom due to a lack of proper understanding of love and sex, due to which lives are being ruined.

Lets start it with an example: Plants germinate as they do seeds. As the seed will be. it will grow into a tree and give the same result. Just as parents have thoughts, similar children are born. If both relations have formed with the feeling of sex, then an erotic child will be born. And as he grows up, he will also play sex game.

In the name of sex and love, people who add physical relation to the floor of the body are living in their imaginations, that our children will be born in love and they will love us from the heart. This is a big mistake. 

There are no illusions in the matters of sex and mind, there are misconceptions in the words of soul and love.

There is a very wonderful thing in the world, there is no misconception about the things that are useless, which destroy human beings and nature. But all the important things that make a man’s life meaningful, give him a flight in the sky of love. All those things become misconceptions.

Whatever is a waste thing, it creates all fickleness. There is never confusion about such things because all those things are attached to the mind. Because the mind has a habit that it cannot stay in one place, its habit is to live on the bottom of the body and to taste new ones.

The more meaningful and enjoyable the thing, the more the mind finds that misleading. The reason for this is that the things which are meaningless are within our understanding. And the things which are right and meaningful are far beyond our understanding, such things go beyond our mind.

Therefore, if there is anything related to sex, there will be no confusion. Because the connection of sex is with body and mind. If there is talk about the sky, that is love, then there will be confusion within the mind. Because the mind is not connected to the sky. It has to rise from the bottom of the body to experience love.

So higher the point, the more misunderstanding it is inevitable. Because we can catch our thinking from where it is. And we can understand the same thing with which our lust and desires are connected.

We try to understand what is beyond our understanding, this creates confusion. Our understanding is connected to our mind, connected to the physical world. And all the useless things are in the material world.

Our soul is not attached to the body and the physical world, our soul has link with the sky as well as with love and pleasure. Let’s talk about love. And the desire is to enjoy the body. There are insects crawling on the earth, talking about flying in the sky and talking about love.

In the name of love and Sex

In the name of love, they deceive innocent people and ruin their lives, saying that we love your soul, neither they know their soul nor the other’s soul. 

The amazing thing is, is the man or woman of a fickle mind. They also want to meet someone who loves us very much. Gives us a lot of importance, and cares for us very much. If such people find a person who loves them, then they eat their soul and make relation with other people. Because they are connected to the floor of body and mind. 

And then we expect that person to be honest with us and love us, this is a strange mentality. That we expect emotional love from someone whom we give emotional hurt and betrayal in the relationship, and also endangers the lives of others with ourselves.

A man with sexual thinking tries to bring his partner down from the sky of love. And when the other partner tries to take him to the sky from the ground, then both of them get tense. Therefore, in the name of love, people who enjoy the body, should understand that you are connected to the physical world and at the bottom of the body. You should not talk about flying in the sky of love.

Now every person should understand that the fall of your life is happening without love, the reason for this is unwise. Sex is within human comprehension. Enjoys and love are beyond his comprehension.

So any person who will be against sex in the name of love and will take the name of brahmacharya, again and again, will be a sex center in some way. Whatever meaning a person takes, it will be sexually focused.

And from there the confusion will begin. Love, bliss, celibacy have nothing to do with sex. Yes, love, bliss and celibacy definitely have sexual implications.

There are 2 types of personality. One is in sexuality, the other is neither the address of sex nor the address of pleasure.

One is the people who are lying in the well of sex and deprived of the ocean of love. And other types of people who are not lying in the well of sex and have stood out. They are also deprived of the ocean of love as well as the well of sex! And their suffering is very much. But we make the suffering of such impostors tolerable; We respect and honor them, that they are very great celibates. While he is frustrated from within and is suppressing his life.

Whatever Struggling in life has a connection with sex. Sorrows begin in life as soon as you get sexual pleasure. Because nobody knows the mystery of happiness.

Understand two things. One is earth and the other is the sky. If you want to fly in the sky, you have to rise from the earth. We are tied to the earth. If we try to fly above the sky, there will be pain in the body.

In the same way, sex is tied to the mind and physical world, and body. Love has a link with the soul and the sky. The experience of happiness in the mind of human beings, not only in human beings but also in the minds of all beings, perhaps not only in the minds of animals but also in the mind of plants, trees, vegetation, is tied to sex. And naturally, the thing with which the experience of happiness has a connection with the experience of grief.

In the world, studies, writing, good jobs, and maximum happiness are imagined and wished. They are all sexually focused. Whenever there is talk of being successful for any other enjoyment, then the criteria we weigh is sexual pleasure. We weigh with it only.

The amazing thing in the world is that even those who oppose sex, Rishimuni talk about supreme bliss, then they also say that the pleasure of endless sexual intercourse will be in ecstasy. Such a thing also goes on in the scriptures. The pleasure of endless sexual intercourse is bliss!

It is very strange, the thing that is opposed, we give the example of the same thing for love and pleasure.

There is no respect and love in the relationship between women and men. Because the poisonous snake of sex stands in the middle.

The wife says that my husband does not make physical relations with me with love. Such women are stupid. How can both love and sex be together? The wife cannot respect her husband because she is not getting the satisfaction of sex according to her. No matter how much someone says that the wife considers her husband to be divine, these are all imaginary things.

No husband can respect his wife, no matter how much he is half of her, is a god-wife. How many things to do, because nowadays, in relation to sex, which is the sight of people and the poisonous feeling that there is sin, hell, sorrow, it is the root of all sins, it stands in the middle. That is the relation of the whole husband and wife. Men and women doubt each other. The husband thinks the wife must be having sex with someone else, the wife thinks, a husband must be having sex with someone else.

Every now and then people are living in some form of sex and unbelief, cheating their partners. And eradicating the hunger for sex everywhere, and hope that the flowers of love come to life. How awful a human being is making fun of himself.

The secret of love is hidden in meditation, the secret of sex is hidden in creativity. The correct understanding of love and sex leads to a good relationship.

If the relationship is to be smeared with the flowers of love, then both have to be associated with trust with respect. Because trust and respect will move from sex to creativity. In creativeness, on the same day, the energy of both will become one, on the same day love will be born, joy will be born, Kabir and Nanak will be born from within a woman.

The day a woman and man touch their relationship with trust and respect, the same day spiritual love will be born between them.

The day the love will be born between the two, on the same day again you will not say that bliss goes away. The imaginary bliss that goes away after having sex.

The understanding of sex and love brings joy in life, which does not go away again. There is no question of him leaving. Because the enjoyment of relationship understanding is not dependent on any external condition. 

Actually, sensual thoughts come and go. It depends on the condition outside. Sunlight is burning. It will be dark, the light will go, because that light was not ours, it was the sun. it appears when the sun was there; When the sun left, light left.

Sex and sexuality are not ours. So that pleasure lasts until sex, after which our mind becomes empty, and becomes dark.

Our nature from birth is the nature of love and joy. To have good children, who love you too and after growing up, love their partner too. We should look for a respectful and loving partner so that the life of ourselves and future children do not go to hell.

Confused and hostile relationships continue to produce children who will make society and their lives miserable. Even if you wake up now it is okay, otherwise, your life is going to be very dark.

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