Anxiety takes us away from the facts of life

Not understanding oneself is the birth of anxiety.

Anxiety/Worry is in our blood. We all worry, often we are in some worry or the other. And keep thinking that if we do not worry then how will we progress in life, how will we increase our business. This thinking of the people is foolish. By worrying, instead of succeeding in life, you fail.

Anxiety takes us away from the facts of life. There is a flood of desires in us, like I want a car, want a good house. When this dream gets fulfilled, then it becomes a desire that now I want a bigger house and a bigger car. Because of wanting more and more, anxiety is born within us. Whenever we are in worry, our attention is stay on something related to our desire. The level of concentration and patience starts falling.

Our immune system starts shrinking. Digestive system and sleep get disturbed. If this worry starts living forever in life, then this worry will create a dangerous disease, after that the person reaches near death. There is a need to be conscious of these concerns. But there are some foolish beliefs which are in favor of worry. As it is natural to worry, if you don’t worry, how will you try?

Since childhood, we hear such things about worry. As we keep telling children that you are not even worried about your career and studies? When you are not worried about studies and career then what will you be able to do in life? We have been hearing such things since childhood and we tell our children everyday. Collectively such a belief has arisen in the society that it is necessary to worry and without worrying we will not be able to progress in life.

Due to some foolish people, ignorance and stupid things have become prevalent in the society that the whole personality of the human being has remained confused. First of all we teach a child about worrying that it is necessary to worry, if you do not worry then you will not be able to move forward in life. And when that child grows up and is worrying about his career, then we explain to him that if you worry, what will you be able to do in life.

We have to identify what is the truth of human life and its personality. For this, one has to get away from the conservative and contradictory things of the society. We have to understand the needs of our life with awareness and take steps according to them, otherwise the young generation will go on moving towards suicide.

Ways to Relieve Anxiety

Through Personality Test, you get to know a lot about yourself. After that your confidence increases and anxiety starts decreasing.

Self-confidence increases after the test, due to which enthusiasm is born in you. After that the anxiety starts running away on its own.

Through Personality Meditation – The Natural Solution To Anxiety

Overwhelmed by worry? Make yourself bigger with your worries.

1. Meditation according to Personality is very useful for stress and anxiety.

Have you thought about doing meditation according to your personality to get rid of anxiety? Anxiety can be due to many reasons such as making your body work more than your body’s capacity. Too much work, stress on the brain, physical illness, insufficiently nutritious food, bad sleeping habits, emotional stress in relationships, hyper-sensitivity to any kind of noise or music, fear of looking down from heights, water Fear and different types of fear such as the fear of the dark. Fear is the most dangerous virus in the world.

Due to the desire to get anything as soon as possible, pressure also builds on us. Due to which stress and anxiety are born within us. Whatever the reason, it is one of the best ways to get rid of anxiety. We should consult a good psychologist to get a personality test.

Through personality test, you get to know about your hidden personality. Experienced Psychologist guides you what kind of music you should listen to, what kind of dance you should do. What kind of work should you do?

Similarly, when you do meditation according to your personality, then you are able to give a right direction to your disturbed mind and after that your mind goes into a deep peace. If all the work that goes against your personality, that leads to stress and anxiety within you.

Working according to your personality and doing meditation can reduce stress hormones to a great extent. Due to which you feel good. According to your personality, by doing every act of life, anxiety and stress start running away from your life. But you have to make sure that you eat according to your age and do meditation regularly. With daily meditation and yoga, your faith will increase and you will feel freedom from sorrows from within. Then again, give it a try! The solution you are looking for to get rid of worry is hidden in your personality.

2. By creating enthusiasm within you, you can free yourself from worry.

At a young age playing with friends on trees, taking a bath in the river, having fun with each other in the rain and in the water. Remember going to your best friend’s birthday party as a child?

Even today, remembering those days of childhood filled with enthusiasm, a feeling of joy arises in whole body.

In those fun days of childhood, how much fun was it just being among friends? In those days, we always liked it so much that we did not feel like coming home after playing with those friends. It can never happen that we keep worrying in life and also keep celebrating with enthusiasm.

We all know this thing when we meet with our good friends to do something, then a passion fills. Energy gets transmitted within us which drives away worries and stress, by having the company of right and happy people, stress and anxiety in life can be removed.

In the End

Due to lack of proper understanding of our personality, we get confused. And we are not able to feel the love hidden within ourselves. Due to lack of love in life, anxiety and tension are born within us. Life is love, life is joy, life is enthusiasm.”

Through meditation according to personality, your mind starts to calm down and you feel peace from within that life is a celebration, full of love, joy and ecstasy. Experienced guide can teach you the art of Karma yoga and meditation according to your personality.

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