Fear is the most dangerous virus in the world

Whenever nature changes, there is an atmosphere of fear. It is not the corona virus, it is change

Every change creates fear because every change throws you into an unfamiliar stranger world. If nothing changes and everything remains constant, you will never be afraid. It means, if everything is dead, you will not be afraid.

For example, you are sitting down and there is a rock below. So there is no problem, you will look at the rock, and everything is fine. Suddenly the rocks began to shake due to the earthquake; So you get scared and start running here and there. The pace of life creates fear. Anything that does not move is dead. There’s no fear there. Do you want to be dead If you don’t want to be dead then why are you afraid of Corona. Move, walk, run, plant trees, eat good food, and increase your immunity.

Whatever change happens in life, it is our hard work behind it. Today’s person has become such that he does not want to work hard. For this reason, people are afraid to make changes in life and try something new. People want that everything in their life remains as it is and no changes have to be made in them. And they do not have to do the mental and physical effort. People are completely oblivious to the fact that the flow of life is always going on. The water that flows in rivers and remains in motion, that water remains potable.

But man remains on an old island of his own made thoughts where nothing changes. Same old room, same old photo, same old furniture, same house, same habits, same slippers, same thing. cigarettes of the same brand; Other brands you will not like. If you want to be healthy then change your life.

There is no virus in this world more dangerous than 'fear'.

It is very easy to avoid coronavirus. But because of the media’s false propaganda, and wrong treatment, the fear has ingrained in people. It is very difficult to avoid it. Now, fewer people will die due to this corona epidemic, more will die due to its fear.

Understand the fear, otherwise you will become a living corpse before death.

There has been an atmosphere of fear of the Coronavirus all over the world. It has nothing to do with coronavirus. The feeling of fear which has come among the people is happening due to false rumors and misinformation. After a few days, wise people will become aware and will fix their life with their food and drink due to which the atmosphere of fear will subside. Due to such diseases, the economy of many countries changes along with the people. Due to the competition of many countries with each other and the testing of biological weapons in combat, this corona was born and created an atmosphere of fear.

Remembering fear again and again is also a kind of self-hypnosis.

Fear, shadow, imaginary fear, tension, stress, illusions, shock

Thinking of the same thought over and over again leads to chemical changes within the body and this chemical change can sometimes be so toxic that it can even kill you.

Apart from epidemics, there are many other good things in our society that can be taken care of.

Meditating according to your personality with an experienced spiritual guide creates a protective aura/divine light cover around you, which does not allow outside negative energy to enter you. Right now the energy of the whole world has become negative due to this coronavirus. In such a situation, you can fall into the black hole of this epidemic anytime….! But you can avoid this mess only by sitting in meditation with a well-experienced guide.

Follow the administrative orders and the instructions of the government literally, study the scriptures, do spiritual practice. Consider the thoughts of the scholars, also take special care of cleanliness, drink clean water, the most important thing is to have patience. Soon everything will change again everything will be fine.

Until death comes, there is no need to fear it and there is no point in fearing what is inevitable,

Fear is a kind of foolishness, even if you do not die from an epidemic, you will have to die one day or the other and that day can be any day. That’s why live like a scholar, not a crowd! One should live like lions, not live like jackals

The fear of disease comes and goes like waves.

This is natural. Whenever you feel terrified due to illness, at that time you go into rest. Accept the fact that you have the fear of illness, but don’t do anything about it. Just ignore the disease. Do not pay attention to any negative thing about the disease because the thing on which you pay more attention becomes active in your life.

You look at the body. There should not be any tension there. If there is no tension in the body, then fear disappears by itself. The fear of illness creates a state of tension to take root in you. You go close to nature and eat natural food according to your age and dance with melodious music. After that, you go into relaxation and start taking long deep breaths. The fear will surely vanish from within you.

A relaxed person cannot be afraid. You cannot scare a relaxed person. Even if fear comes, it comes and goes like a wave, it will not be able to take root.

Fear comes and goes like waves and you remain untouched by it, whenever fear takes its place in you and starts growing within you. Then this fear becomes cancer or corona and paralyzes the structure of your inner being.

Foolish people sit in fear. Intelligent people see this as an opportunity.

fear, team work, office, employees,

This has happened thousands of times before and will continue to happen in the world in the future also. And you will see that in the years to come, wars will not be fought with guns but with biological weapons! Such viruses will keep coming and going.

But always remember one thing, “Every problem is a fear for a fool, while a good opportunity for a wise man. In this pandemic, sit at home, read books, exercise, watch good movies, do yoga and meditation. If your body is weak then increase the weight. If the body is more fat then reduce the weight. Bring a childlike freshness to your face. If you have got a chance to sit at home, then read good books to your family and increase the knowledge of your family.

If you do not like to read books and you are interested in any subject, then you can write a book on it. In the time of this pandemic, the world market has gone downhill. Take advantage of this opportunity and invest money in the right place. This is an opportunity that comes once in twenty-thirty years. Think about making money.

Why do you keep talking about illness again and again? Whatever we will mention more, outside and inside ourselves, our life will become the same.

The psychology of this ‘fear and crowd’ is not understood by everyone. Stop taking interest in discussions of ‘fear’…! Usually, every person takes a little interest in fear, if fear is not fun, then why do people go to see horror & ghost movies?

By doing physical exertion and eating vegetarian food, increases immunity.

health, fear, immunity, exercise, healthy food,

People have become so inactive. For them physical labor has become a shameful act, it has become a shame. A Western writer, Albert Camus, jokingly wrote in one of his letters that a time would come when people would get their love done through servants. If someone falls in love with someone, he will tell a servant that you go to my girlfriend on my behalf and love her. This can happen anytime.

Because we have started getting all the other work done by the servants. Only love remains what we do to ourselves. We make others pray. Get a pandit and babas to be kept. And we tell them, worship, and pray on our behalf. We keep a priest in the temple, ask him to worship on our behalf. We also get the prayers and worship done by the servants! So it is not surprising that we will get the work of love for God done by our servants.

It is not a very difficult task that someday sensible people will get their love for their wife or beloved even done by their servants. In the coming time, those who are not able to make their girlfriend or wife love by paying money to the servants, they will be ashamed in front of others that we are poor man, we have to love ourselves.

Abraham Lincoln became the President of America only through physical hard work.

abraham lincoln, president of americaIt is said that Abraham Lincoln was so poor that he used to study in the streets at night under electric poles. Due to the same physical and mental hard work, he became the great President of the world. We have started getting the servants to do many important tasks of our life. And we do not even know what we have lost by losing physical effort.

All the power of the whole life is lost. Because man’s body, man’s life is made for some special effort and we have made life beyond physical labor. Doing the right karma is an essential part of life to awaken the consciousness and energy of man.

One morning Abraham Lincoln was polishing his shoes while sitting in his house. A friend of his came and said, “Lincoln, what are you doing, you’re polishing your shoes as president?

Lincoln said to his friend, “You have taken me by surprise. Friend, do you polish others’ shoes? I am polishing my own shoes.”

Lincoln’s friend said, “No, no, From other people I get my shoes polished.”

Lincoln said, “The only thing worse than polishing other people’s shoes is having someone else polish your shoes.

what does it mean? This means that we are cutting off our connection with emotional life. Our healthy life is directly related to physical karma. Our relationship with nature is linked to mental and physical karma.

A person should be mentally healthy more than physically.

Do you know this? Be it Gama, Sandow, or the world’s largest body wrestlers, they all die unwell, die early, and die of dangerous diseases. By forcing the body to inflate the muscles, one can make the body visible, the wrestler can make the body fit for exhibition, but there is a big difference between exhibition, physical performance, and life. There is a big difference between living and being healthy and being performable.

Every man should find his worthy and worthy of his body that how much he should work so that he may live more healthy and fresh. The fresher the air, the more healthy the air inside, the more joyful the breathing, the more life is capable of being internal.

Simone Weil, a French writer, has written a wonderful thing in his autobiography. She wrote that I was always sick till the age of thirty. I had a headache, was unwell. But it was only at the age of forty that I came to know that for thirty years I was an atheist as well. And when I got healthy, I don’t know when I became a believer. And it appeared to me, later on, thinking that my illness was also related to my atheism.

A man who is sick can’t be full of thanks to God. He can’t have gratitude towards God in his mind. There is only anger in his mind towards God. For which we have anger, it becomes impossible to accept it. There is this feeling for him, he shouldn’t be in our life.

If you are not able to correct your health balance by doing good hard work and a good exercise in life, then it is natural for you to have a feeling of negation, negative values, a sense of opposition, and a sense of rebellion towards the values of life.

Right action is an essential step in the steps of great theism.

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