What is Personality Disorder?

What is Personality Disorder?

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Childbearing and environmental, genetic, and also hereditary traits cause personality disorder. Nature has made every man’s body odor and herbage marks different. This proves that every person’s personality in this world is completely different. The way a person acts, his behavior and his emotions make him different from each other. Many types of personality and their characteristics have been described in psychology

For this reason, many different psychological tests have been conducted to understand personality in psychology. Some causes of personality disorders are known through these categories. The way a child was raised, and the situation he faced, no one in his family is already suffering from personality disorder. So, All these things play a big role in personality disorders.

What are the types of personality disorders, According to doctors and psychology?

Generally, according to doctors and psychology, there are 10 types of mental problems related to personality disorders. These problems are in three categories. However, there is not much difference in all these problems. Personality disorders and their categories are as follows:

Category No. 1

Disorder in which the patient behaves strangely and cynically with others of his own free will, such as:

  • Disorder possessing insanity in personality.
  • Skitsoid (schizoid) personality, in which the person doesn’t like to mingle with people.
  • Schizotypal personality disorder (schizotypal), in which the person does not understand how to have a relationship with others. And they do not know what effect their strange behavior has on others.

Category No. 2

Disorder in which the patient behaves dramatically, emotionally and randomly with others, such as:

  • Narcissistic personality disorder.
  • Personality disorder of being a dramatic character. Such people do more show-up and drama.
  • Personality disorder of very temporary behavior with strange behavior and behavior relationships with others.

Category No. 3

Restless, disorderly and disorderly behavior, includes:

  • Being in oneself, becoming uncomfortable in social life and not being able to make personal connections with people.
  • Do not take any decision on your own without consulting people before doing any work.
  • Pressure to put excessive emphasis on keeping everything in a very well-organized and fixed place, for fear of loss.

Personality Disorder Symptoms

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To check if a person in his family or himself has a personality disorder, the symptoms are as follows:

  1. The behavior of a human being suddenly changes right away. This change can last for a few days and can also be curable in a few hours as well.
  2. Become too dependent on other people for anything.
  3. Being stuck in thoughts of oneself alone, being socially isolated.
  4. Suddenly very angry to sabotage.
  5. Always be concerned in a relationship or friendship, that someone will leave you. Be very emotional towards it and remain emotionally unhappy.
  6. To be extremely enchanted while sitting.
  7. To become impulsive on small matters. Becoming fearful, self-harming, dangerous behaving. This includes driving on the road and driving very carelessly.
  8. To seek immediate resolution and satisfaction regarding any situation in life.
  9. Not able to keep control of your impulses, due to which they spoil good things.
  10. Not having good personal relationships with good people. And do what they want.
  11. Seeing people everywhere with suspicion and mistrust and living in doubt at all times.
  12. Difficult to form good people friendships.
  13. Not sensitive to others. To live in harmony with others all the time.

Know the reasons for personality disorder

So far, almost all the research that has been done has shown that all the causes of personality disorders are not decided yet. However, research has shown that genetic factors, brain structure and function, environment, culture and social environment play an important role in this. So, we can say that due to these reasons, a person becomes a victim of borderline personality disorder, which means that his behavior and behavior are unstable.

The personality disorder of any one includes its genetic causes as well as methods of upbringing. Significantly, there has been a long-standing debate on the issue of which nature (genetic cause) or upbringing contribute to the development of a person’s personality.

There are many reasons for human personality disorder like:

Brain –

For people who have this disorder, their emotional behavior is very different from other people. In this case, the brain structure and the problems present there, are considered to be important aspects of personality disorder. Under this, it is true that the part of the brain that controls emotions as well as decision-making capabilities, etc., is not able to work properly with the rest of the body, which means that it is not able to communicate information.

Genetic –

Human genes may be related to personality disorders. According to research conducted on some twins, the direct connection of mental disorders is hereditary. The probability of having this problem also increases five times among those whose closest relatives have had this problem.

Contribution of environment to personality problem

Basically, People who have had traumatic events in childhood or in life, such as sexual harassment in childhood, physical harassment, neglect or separation from parents, etc., can also be an important cause of this disorder. When you are growing up, you start adjusting according to emotional changes and to the people around you.

In such a situation, the children who have been neglected or tortured, do not learn all these things. Due to which, when they grow up, they do not understand how to behave under any circumstances.

It is important to know, for what reasons does the fear of personality disorder increase?

According to research, most people who have symptoms of personality disorder have passed through some of them.  People who have encountered a problem in childhood, such as Sexual Abuse, increase their chances of having personality disorder even more in such children.

Just pay attention to these problems due to which personality disorder can be born:

  • Parental neglect in childhood.
  • Giving physical harassment by parents or by someone else.
  • Giving emotional harassment by a parent, husband, wife, or a friend.
  • Childhood sexual harassment or rape. 
  • Divorce of parents in front of children.
  • Parental death at a young age.
  • Faced poor family environment and fights in childhood.
  • Parents or other family members having a mental disorder or brain problem.

You must understand this carefully

Personality Problem, Disorder, Tension, psychologist and patient

All the above things does not mean that all those who have suffered a shock in their life will get personality disorder. Yes, they are more likely to get this personality disorder. Also there are some people who initially have no symptoms of this disease in some way but later they get this disease. Or the onset of the disease.

Genetic Cause

Human genes may be related to personality disorders. According to research conducted on some twins, the direct connection of mental disorders is hereditary. The probability of having this problem also increases five times among those whose closest relatives have had this problem.

Awareness and proper counseling can prevent personality disorders.

Most research has found that personality disorders can usually be caused by genetic factors and also by the family environment found in childhood.

  • Some people think that it is good if the person is saved before the disorder occurs, such a rescue cannot happen. But by meeting a good psychologist and adopting some therapy-specific measures, one can keep the symptoms of the disorder under control and one can lead a better life as well as a better career.
  • Some people drink too much alcohol and smoke cigarettes. Don’t use too much alcohol, cigarettes. Also don’t use medicines prescribed by illiterate and foolish doctors.
  • Get up early in the morning and do regular exercise and yoga. Do yoga according to the capacity of your body. Cleaning the house, keeping your clothes properly. Plant beautiful trees and plants in the pots and serve those trees every day.
  • Make a hobby. Make friends with intelligent and sensible people. This method will help you meet new people as well as get rid of the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
  • Company of people who live intelligent and natural life. Avoid being alone. Stay in touch with your friends and family. Listen music and try to sing yourself.
  • Get enough sleep for 6 to 7 hours. If you are not able to get enough sleep then don’t bother. Talk to your psychologist, he will tell you what’s the reason.
  • Seek regular help from your psychologist and don’t ignore the check-ups and schedules of regular check-ups given by them.
  • Take care of food and health. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, it will make you feel good.
  • Discuss with your friends, family and your doctor. Make sure how you are feeling internally and what is going on in your mind. Sharing thoughts lightens the mind.

Personality tests and patient interviews can discuss the symptoms of personality disorder.


kPersonality testing may be helpful in treating personality disorder. Because there is no test to treat personality disorder and neither treatment is based on a single symptom.

A specialist psychiatrist usually makes a diagnosis of personality. These doctors conduct many interviews about the patient’s life in which they discuss with the patient about other diseases, psychiatric symptoms, etc. Psychologists also talk to the patient’s family and friends when needed.

Psychologists, in addition to talking to the patient about their symptoms, also conduct a detailed psychological examination of them. The goal of this test is to determine whether the symptoms seen in the patient are not a preparation for some other psychiatric illness. Also psychologists discuss about the patient’s family medical history and mental diseases etc.

Sometimes, it is also very difficult to identify that specific type of personality disorder by looking at the symptoms. This is because many personality disorders have similar symptoms, with the patient sometimes having more than one personality disorder at the same time.

Many other disorders such as depression, restlessness, substance abuse interfere with the process of treatment of personality disorder. Due to all this, the treatment of personality disorder may take time, but it is very necessary so that permanent solution to the problems can be found.

Treatment of Personality Disorder

There are many types of problems in personality disorder. According to that, preparation takes place regarding the treatment of the patient. Specialists pay too much attention to the patient to find how long he is suffering and how serious his condition is. Also, how was the patient’s life and family environment. It is important to note one thing. It is important to meet the mental and social needs of a person with personality disorder. This will satisfy the subconscious mind of the patient and the patient starts recovering.

The patient needs proper counseling and psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy, Psychologist, Relaxation, Change in behavior

There are different types of people in the world, just like every person has a different personality disorder. There are different types of treatments to treat the patient. Psychologists treat patients as well as psychotherapy and counseling of their relatives.

During treatment, the patient can talk to his psychologist about the family situation and his mood, feelings, thoughts and behavior. By which your psychologist can balance your life by removing you from stress.

Some psychologists go to the market with the patient, teach him to shop, and train him to interact properly with people. During this type of social training, the patient is taught to manage their illness and thus the patient flows with life and preventing the people around them from being affected by their illness.

Sometimes medicine also has to be consumed

Antipsychotic drugs: If the patient has a problem like excessive anger or restlessness and psychosis in which the patient’s thoughts and feelings are conflicting, then taking medicine provides relief.

The patient of personality disorder is sometimes full of depression

If the patient’s mood is not good, then he starts showing symptoms like depression, anger, habit of acting without thinking or also taking a stand.

In case of severe stress or mental condition, it is considered more appropriate to hospitalize them for safety, which suggests that the patient may commit suicide.

Risks and complications in life of personality disorder :-

A person suffering from a personality disorder is not only facing trouble in his life. But his close people like friends and family also get into trouble with his illness.

What are the difficulties in the life of a person with personality problem?

Not being able to behave properly with people at home, with teachers and fellow students at school, not being able to maintain proper relationships with the people where you work, have a bad effect on family relationships. A person suffering from personality disorder tends to be socially disconnected and lonely.

Consuming excessive alcohol and drugs while upset and doing strange things that you would not normally do to others. Acting in a momentary impulse.

Becoming physically weak due to excessive intoxication.

Not understanding the importance of our life, what are our goals in life and not being able to focus on career planning.

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